Why two valve stems on Kosei K1 wheel?

Our Kosei K1 TS has two valve stems and many customers ask why. They are located 180 degrees from each other. In racing, many teams use nitrogen. Nitrogen has larger molecules than ambient air and is less likely to "seep" through the pores in all tires.

It also is less sensitive to temperature so the psi stays more even as the tire heats and cools with track use.

The two valve stems help in exchanging ambient air for Nitrogen. One stem is used to bleed off the ambient air while nitrogen is put in the opposite stem.

It's a popular look in Japan and was requested by many of Kosei's customers.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011 by mato

may you provide me valve for my wheel old kosei rt penta 7*15 ?

because i don't find ?

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