The General AltiMax RT43 is Leading Its Class

General has hit a home run with their AltiMAX RT43. Although fairly new to the market, this tire has already received great feedback from our customers. The most positive comments have focused around the great ride quality, quietness, wet traction and all-season capability.

Strong all-season capability and a comfortable ride is due to the tire's Twin Cushion Silica Tread Compound that places a high-density all-season compound up top with a low-density foundation compound underneath. A symmetrical tread design helps keep noise down and allows for unlimited rotation options. General’s Anti-Slip Sipe Design Technology increases the number of biting edges to enhance traction on slippery roads. Another great feature is General's Low Surface Abrasion Technology which helps reduce tread distortion as the tire rolls. This results in less road abrasion and ultimately promotes longer, more even treadlife.

Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about their experience with the General AltiMAX RT43:

"I put these tires on because the lightness of the rear of the truck made it slip and slide and break loose on corners when the road was slick. That's all gone now. The unique tread design includes little fish hook like cuts which attracted me to the tread design. My choice was justified. Even with light snow on the roads, I have a confident feeling of total control. I'm telling everyone who will listen what I think of these tires. I will buy them for my other vehicle when it becomes necessary." -- Tire Rack Customer Review, 2001 Toyota Tacoma 2wd

"I drive about 100,000 miles a year. These tires have 60,000 miles on them now. This car has driven all over this region of the U.S. The General AltiMAX RT43 is EXCELLENT in every weather situation I have been in. The tires look to have about 5/32" of tread depth remaining. I rotate them every 10,000 miles. They are very comfortable, handle great, don't hydroplane, are great in the snow and on ice. Absolutely the best "budget" tire I have ever had. I will take these over the Goodyear and Michelin tires I have had any day. I really recommend these tires to anyone." - Tire Rack Customer Review, 2007 Honda Civic EX Sedan

The General AltiMAX RT43 is available in H-, V- and T-speed ratings. Shop by vehicle and see if this great tire is available for your application today!

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