Sumitomo HTR-Z

The Sumitomo HTR-Z continues to be one of the top Ultra High Performance Summer tires on the market. It is designed for serious sports car and sports coupe enthusiasts looking for race tire-like traction on the street or for use in aggressive street driving and track events. This tire is a favorite amongst the drivers of cars like the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Honda Civic and various other applications. Read more about this great tire!

The HTR-Z features a directional tread pattern that combines angled shoulder blocks and intermediate blocks with a continuous center rib to enhance dry road grip and directional stability. Four circumferential grooves efficiently evacuate water from the contact patch which helps resist hydroplaning. The HTR-Z's internal structure features two steel belts with spirally wrapped bands of reinforcement to enhance high-speed durability.  A shorter profile sidewall adds stiffeners to enhance steering response and overall handling.

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