Drop it like it's hot. Infiniti G35.

    A while back I picked up a 2003 Infiniti G35 6MT with 8k miles on it. Like many car enthusiasts I couldn't' t wait to bolt on any performance modifications I could. Wheels, tires, cold air intake, etc. While that was all good, it lacked some handling. So I turned to our friends at Eibach for some suspension help.
As you can see, she needed a bit of help in the wheel gap and handling department. I added the Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs and sway bars to the car. Before lowered pic. 

What was really great is another sales rep here had the identical car just not lowered. In this pic you can see the difference after the springs were installed. Both cars were same year and model.

Not only did the new Eibach items work great, they made the car look wonderful. The springs combined with the sways made the car handle completely different. I ran the sway bars at medium stiffness front and rear which worked well for street and mild track use. Ride did stiffen a little but not significantly.

Spring into action with the Pro Kit! You won't be disappointed.



Thursday, July 9, 2009 by Gary

Is that gray car Walts car?

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