Don't forget the tip! Keeping exhaust clean with Griots Metal Polish.

     Driving 70 miles round trip to work I see a lot of great looking cars. Shiny paint, clean wheels, etc. However, one area people always forget about is their exhaust tips. Kills me to see a great looking car with dull carbon covered exhaust. 

    I went out to our parking lot and took a few pics of employee's exhaust tips. Many of the cars were washed but their exhaust was another issue. Check it out.


        As you can see some of my coworkers have a bit of          work to do in the exhaust tip department!


It's not like mine were any better. Figured they needed some attention after a wet summer of neglect. So I decided to purchase the Griots Metal Polish and get to work. It can be used on all polished metals including stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

    I washed the tips first then applied the polish with a clean shop rag I had. It only took minutes and look at the results!! All it takes is a spare rag with Griots Metal Polish, a little time, and elbow grease to bring the rear end back to life.



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