Caring for and Getting to Know Your Bridgestone Blizzaks

Once a winter / snow tire has been installed, you should know that the handling traits and personality of your car will feel different compared to the tires you took off. Fresh winter tires start life with deeper tread depths, a more open design and much softer compounds than your alternate set. These features help create great deep snow and ice traction, but also cause more tread squirm and reduction in steering response.

Before a tire is cured after production, a release agent called "mold release" is applied to prevent the tires from sticking in the mold. Some of this release agent is left on the tire's surface, which will result in a slight reduction of traction until worn away. Normal break-in period of a few hundred miles will wear the release agent off.                                             

The Blizzak WS, or Winter Studless line, features a dual tread compound that when viewed through a microscope, the outer Multicell compound resembles the appearance of Swiss cheese as it contains millions of uniformly distributed microscopic pores that are constantly being exposed as the tread surface wears. These pores also help wick away the thin layer of water that develops on top of icy and snow-packed roads. A Blizzak's tread compound comprises the top 55 percent of the tire's tread depth with an underlying base winter compound making up the remaining 45 percent.

The Blizzak LM, or Lamella line, is their performance winter family of snow tires. This compound features tread designs with thin sipes to form thousands of rows of snow-biting rubber. LM tires trade some ice and snow traction for higher speed capability and better steering response. These tires feature a single winter tread compound.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS70

Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32

Just like any other purpose built dedicated winter tire, the Blizzak should only be used during the winter season. Typically, Blizzaks and other snow tires should be used between late November and early April.

Create a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package with the Brigestone Blizzak today to help you have the easiest winter driving experience possible!

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