Goodyear's Top-Rated Wrangler DuraTrac

Goodyear has really hit the nail on the head with their On-/Off-Road Commercial Traction Wrangler DuraTrac. It's specifically designed for drivers of multi-purpose full-sized pickups, vans, sport utility and commercial vehicles looking for tires that work both on- and off-road. The Wrangler DuraTrac is developed to be a versatile tire that provides off-road...  Read More

State-of-the-Art Shocks and Struts from KYB

Founded over 50 years ago, KYB is Japan's largest manufacturer of automotive shock absorbing equipment. Superior steering control is achieved by using Kayaba hydraulic technology to generate smooth road conditions through absorption of road vibrations and leveling for uneven road conditions. The variety and reliability of KYB products have been demonstrated...  Read More

Sports Car, Sporty Coupe and Performance Sedan Owners Need to Look at Hankook's Ventus S1 noble2

Hankook's newest addition to the Ultra High Performance All-Season category is their Ventus S1 noble2. This tire feeds the all-season sport needs of those with sport coupes and performance sedans looking to combine on-road performance with all-season traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions. Unique to Hankook, their Kontrol Technology, along with other...  Read More

O.Z. Racing Tuner System Wheels

Spring is here and what better time than now to outfit your vehicle with a set of O.Z. Racing Tuner System wheels. In 2006, Tire Rack became the North American distributor for O.Z. Racing wheels. This partnership includes O.Z. Racing's prestigious, custom 3-piece wheel program -- O.Z. Racing Tuner System. This program helps expand fitment limitations...  Read More

Make Sure Your Wheels Are Properly Torqued

The winter season is coming to an end, and for many, that means their warm weather tires and wheels are being installed. It's also the start of race season where tire and wheel changes are frequent. Making sure your car's wheels are properly torqued to the vehicle's specifications and pattern are critical. These torque specifications can be found in your...  Read More

Which Rotor Fits Your Needs Best?

Brake rotors only come in one shape, but there are many different options. From Original Equipment replacements to multi-piece race rotors, we have what you need to match your driving style. Take a look at different rotor styles we offer to find the one that's right for your vehicle. It's important to remember that rotors should always be installed in axle...  Read More

How Can I Determine the Age of My Tires?

Recently, there's been a lot of concern about tire age and how long the serviceable life of a tire is. Federal law requires tire manufacturers provide standardized information permanently branded on the sidewalls of all tires sold in the United States. This includes information about the tire’s basic characteristics, capacities and construction, as well as...  Read More

The General AltiMax RT43 is Leading Its Class

General has hit a home run with their AltiMAX RT43. Although fairly new to the market, this tire has already received great feedback from our customers. The most positive comments have focused around the great ride quality, quietness, wet traction and all-season capability. Strong all-season capability and a comfortable ride is due to the tire's Twin...  Read More

What Causes Tire Bubbles?

After this year's harsh winter, the roads are worse than ever. I've not only seen many stranded motorists parked next to potholes they've hit, but single replacement tire requests have been more frequent lately. While a bubble can be caused by a handful of scenarios, the most common is impact damage such as hitting a pothole.   Tiresare made of specialized...  Read More

Getting the Most From Your Competition Tires

You want your competition tires to last as long as possible and perform their best when in use. How can you maximize the amount of wear and increase response/handling at the same time? Luckily, Tire Rack offers competition tire heat cycling and shaving for these exact needs. Any tread design that breaks up the contact patch into smaller elements or adds...  Read More

What Makes Your Track Car Stop?

Race season is near and you've bought a fresh set of competition tires, lightweight wheels and sport suspension, but what about your braking system? Hawk Performance offers a wide selection of performance friction material for your autocross or road race car. Take a look at the following options from Hawk and see if one is right for your vehicle.  HP Plus...  Read More

Replacement Tires for AWD and Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

It's been a rough winter season for most of the country. Looking at roads across the northern part of the United States reflects this. Tire damage due to potholes or curb damage is not uncommon. For most, a single tire replacement is fine. However, when dealing with an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle, replacing one tire may not be the best...  Read More

Pirelli's New Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

The newest edition to Pirelli's Grand Touring All Season line-up is their Cinturato P7 All Season Plus. Pirelli designed the tire for drivers of touring and luxury cars that seek predictable handling, a comfortable ride and all-season traction. Their low oil and high silica tread compound helps enhance wet and all-season traction throughout the life of the...  Read More

Tread Design Types and How They Differ

Not every tire is made the same, nor do they look the same. Tread designs help play a key role in traction ability, road noise and treadwear. Take a look at available tread designs and how they compare against one another. Symmetric A symmetric tread design is the most common and features continuous ribs or independent tread blocks across the entire tread face...  Read More

Proper Way To Repair a Tire

Losing mobility due to a puncture is never good, especially if you were not aware of the damage. While almost any sharp object left on the road can cause a puncture, most are caused by small nails and screws. Even though damage may be small, the steel belts now exposed to outside elements can be compromised if not addressed promptly. Repairing larger...  Read More

Proper Storage Techniques for Your Tires and Wheels

It's not uncommon these days to have two seasonal sets of wheels and tires. Some drivers even have a third and fourth set for track use. Most sets are used seasonally which means the unused sets need to be stored properly. Below are some tips for storing your off-season tires, as well as storage solutions.  Keep the tires out of direct sunlight whenever...  Read More

Three Grand Touring All-Season Tires for Your Vehicle

Looking to make your commute more enjoyable with better ride quality and comfort? With the average worker commuting more miles to get to their job, many drivers are trading sport handling for a quieter ride and improved comfort. When searching for these characteristics, consider the following three Grand Touring All-Season tires. The Cinturato P7 All Season...  Read More

Best All-Season Tires of 2013

It's been a great year for tires with many new performers coming to market. At the top of the all-season are a handful of newcomers and some repeat winners. Listed below are some of the top all-season performers for 2013. Grand Touring All-Season Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus What We Liked: Civilized road manners and stable dry handling What We'd...  Read More

Which Competition Tires Suit Your Needs Best?

Many are already thinking about the 2014 track season and some of those that live in warm climates are still racing. Wherever you may reside, choosing a competition tire can be overwhelming, especially for the beginner. Racetrack & Autocross Only Majority of tires in this class feature a slick type design that offers the top in dry traction, steering response,...  Read More

Quick Tips for Holiday Travel

If holiday travel plans take you states away, or just a few miles down the road, it's best to make sure your car and tires are ready. Hopefully some of these travel tips will help you have a safe journey to your destination.Check Your BatteryWe take them for granted, but they can be a major inconvenience when low on charge or dead. Many batteries can be...  Read More