Snow Tires/Wheels for BMW X5

Tire StackBMW X5 drivers have struggled to find a good winter solution for those with the 20" sport package.

Given that there is only one option for winter tires using the O.E. 20" staggered fitment, many customers elect to use the 18" option for winter tires. This allows for more options and improved snow and ice traction over the 20". This option uses a 255/55R18 on all four corners of the vehicle.

One advantage of this "minus size" winter wheel setup is the improved snow and ice traction vs. the wider 20" O.E. tires. Another advantage of the "square" setup (same sizes front and back) is the ability to rotate your tires front-to-back which will allow for more even treadwear and longer tread life.

Another advantage of a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package as opposed to only winter tires is that switching back and forth between tires can lead to expensive mounting and balancing. On average, this will cost around $240-$300 annually. Winter wheels can be changed for around $40-$60 per year or you can do it yourself at home for free.

Read "Tire & Wheel Package Installation" for details on how to install your Tire & Wheel Package yourself.

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