Winter / Snow Tires for 2008-2012 Honda Accord

As one of the most popular vehicles sold in the United States, the Honda Accord is certainly a great car. If you own the current generation (2008-2012), you are enjoying Honda's latest style, comfort and technology. For those who live in the snowbelt however, the Original Equipment Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 tires lack the snow and ice traction many are looking for to provide safety in severe winter conditions.

This is where winter / snow tires make all the difference in the world. Although the O.E. Honda tires are capable of providing some snow and ice traction, winter / snow tires and even better yet, Tire and Wheel Packages designed for winter provide more safety in winter conditions. The following three active features allow winter / snow tires to provide superior snow and ice performance.
  • Tread volume: A tire needs more tread volume for snow traction compared to wet traction. Snow tires need more tread depth in wintry conditions to compress snow in their grooves and release it as they roll. If there isn't sufficient tread depth, the "bites" of snow that can be processed on each tire revolution will be reduced to "nibbles," and the vehicle's traction and mobility in snow will be reduced.
  • Active Siping: Sipes are the small "cuts" you see throughout the tread of winter / snow and most all-season tires. These sipes open as the tread comes in contact with the road surface. As the sipes open, they create "biting edges" which conform to the small grooves in the road and ice to provide additional traction.
  • Soft Tread Compound: The soft tread compound unique to winter / snow tires is engineered to remain soft in freezing temperatures. This is necessary for the tread to conform to the grooves in the driving surface and create traction. All-season and summer tires get harder when the temperatures begins to drop below 40 degrees, which doesn't allow the tires to grip the road as effectively.
Take a look at what some Honda Accord owners are saying about their experiences with winter / snow tires:

" I live in the Catskills and commute over a dirt road to town, and then to a small city several times a week and have found the Blizzaks' to be the best winter tire I've used in over 40 years of driving. I am never stuck, even in the worst weather." - Tire Rack Consumer Review, Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 on 2008 Honda Accord

"I came away with a sense of aw and confidence in these Michelin Ice-Xi2 studless snow tires they are truly amazing!"
- Tire Rack Consumer Review, Michelin X-Ice Xi2 on 2010 Honda Accord

Shop by vehicle to find the winter / snow tires that work best for your vehicle.


Monday, January 23, 2012 by Steven

I need 4 snow tires for my 2009 Honda accord driving in full snow road
Friday, December 13, 2013 by Tonigh

I am looking to buy 4 winter tires for 2010 Honda Accord EX which came with tire size 225/50/r17. I was wondering what winter tire size would work on my car. I also got a quote on 205/60/r16 and was told would work, I am not a tire expert so just need some advice before purchasing tires, thanks.

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