Speed Rating for Late Model Honda Accord

Honda AccordSpeed ratings on tires are often very confusing for consumers to understand. Most cars have recommended speed rating requirements for the tires being used, but the part that confuses many drivers is that very few will ever drive as fast as what their car will allow. The car must have a tire installed that'll match the vehicle's capabilities.

One of the most confusing examples of this is the late model Honda Accord. Based on the capabilities of the Accord Coupe and Sedan, this car needs a tire with a speed rating of H (130 mph) or higher. However, Honda equipped the Accord (even the 4-cylinder models) with V-speed rated (149 mph) tires which are beyond what the car actually needs. This can lead to an uncomfortable situation when trying to get H-rated tires installed. Most shops recognize and understand this discrepancy and will be glad to install H-rated tires on the Accords, nonetheless, their are many installers who have a policy not to install anything below what the car came equipped with from Honda.

To gain a better understanding of speed ratings, take a look at "How to Read Speed Rating, Load Index & Service Descriptions." And, if you're considering H-rated tires for your Accord, I would recommend contacting one of our sales specialists who will be able to talk with some of our independent Recommended Installers in your area to ensure they'll install these tires for you. This will eliminate any unpleasant surprises when your tires arrive at the shop.

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