Choosing the Best Brake Rotors for Your Vehicle

Selecting the best brake rotors for your vehicle can be more difficult than you think. This is especially true if you have a specialty application for track use, heavy towing or face challenging road conditions such as steep hills.Essentially, your brakes transfer motion into heat, sound and sometimes light. This energy transfer allows the car to slow...  Read More

What is the Best Tire for Your Car?

What is the best tire for your car? The reality is, there is no such thing as "the best tire." With multiple tire categories available, the trick is to find the category that is best for your vehicle, driving conditions and specific driving needs. Once the proper category is identified, choosing the best tire in that group is much easier.Listed below are...  Read More

Understanding the Benefits of Tire Shaving

Performed in a controlled environment, tire shaving purposely reduces a tire's tread depth uniformly across the tire's width to ensure even tread depth. To most people, reducing the tread of a new tire seems illogical. In truth, there are a couple of benefits to shaving tires.Matching tread depth on all four tires is important for maintaining balanced...  Read More

Introducing Axis and Axis OG by Axis Custom Wheels

Based in California, Axis and Axis OG offer innovative wheel options for different groups of drivers. Axis wheels started out offering tuner wheels for sport compact cars and continue today by offering a modern aesthetic, while the Axis OG line reflects the popular Japanese designs of the 1980s. The aftermarket wheels from Axis are offered in four styles...  Read More

Coil-Over Kits for 2007-2010 BMW M3 Coupe

The late model BMW M3 comes equipped with a sport suspension system optimized for aggressive street driving. For drivers looking for improved track performance and the flexibility to adjust for reasonable street manners, upgrading to a fully adjustable coil-over kit is a great solution.  A coil-over suspension kit incorporates precisely matched coil springsan...  Read More

Choosing the Right Brake Pads

With all the talk about horsepower, torque, 0-60 times and top speed, what often gets overlooked is the performance of a vehicle's braking system. Let's face it, how important is 600 bhp and a 0-60 in 2.9 seconds if your car takes a country mile to stop? This may be obvious to some, but ask yourself when was the last time you saw a commercial for a car or...  Read More

Matching Lowering Springs to Shocks/Struts

One way to give your vehicle an updated and sportier look is to replace your factory springs with lowering springs. Although you can expect a stiffer ride, lowering a car will improve handing and steering response.                                                                                       What often gets overlooked is the shocks and struts...  Read More

Max Performance Summer Tires: Road Ride

This week I had the opportunity to take four highly rated Max Performance Summer tires for a test spin on our 6.6-mile road course.My test included the Continental ExtremeContact DW, Bridgestone's new Potenza S-04 Pole Position, Pirelli PZero and Michelin's new Pilot Super Sport. All tires were tested in identical sizes on identical vehicles for...  Read More

Wheel Construction: Not All are Created Equal

Are you in the market for custom wheels? Other than wheel size, style and price, you may want to research how your new wheels are made. Buying new wheels can be a significant investment and you want to be sure to get your money's worth before spending your hard earned cash.Consider Use: Vehicle demands, road conditions and driving style are all important...  Read More

Finding A Good Tire for the Toyota Highlander

If you drive a late model Toyota Highlander with 19" wheels, you have likely noticed that there are very few choices in the O.E. 245/55R19 size. In addition, the few tire options available in this size are not necessarily a great selection for most drivers based on their performance and price.An option most people are not aware of is selecting an...  Read More

Max Performance vs. Ultra High Performance Tires: Which is Right for Me?

What is the difference between Maximum Performance and Ultra High Performance Summer tires? This is one of the most common summer tire questions I get from customers. It can also be the most confusing as there are subtle, yet important differences between these categories.   Ultimately, the right choice comes down to driving styles and vehicle performance.Max...  Read More

Tire Noise: Tips to Keep them Rolling Quietly

Many of us have purchased tires that were great when we first had them installed, only to find they get much louder as they wear down. With a little understanding of tire technology, you can keep your tires rolling quieter for more miles.  Tires get noisy for a couple of reasons including tread design, uneven wear and tire construction.Tread Design: Tire...  Read More

New ST Coil-Over Kit for Hardtop Mini

Looking to upgrade more than the wheels on your Mini? Upgrading the suspension will properly lower your vehicle while offering an improved ride, handling and performance. The ST Coil-Over kit for the Hardtop Mini Cooper is a Premium and Performance Street suspension product that provides great performance at a great value. Designed and manufactured...  Read More

Pre-order the Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Improving the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 would be no easy task, as it has been one of the preferred Max Performance Summer tires for drivers since its introduction in 2004. With the new Pilot Super Sport, Michelin has certainly met the challenge. Pilot Super Sport tires offer improved handing while delivering durability, traction and increased tread life. The...  Read More

Brembo Gran Turismo Brake Upgrade for Porsche 911

Many Porsche owners are looking for better lap times at the track and more aggressive brake performance on the street from their 911. If you have already tried changing your brake pads and still lack the performance you are looking for, it may be time to upgrade to a larger caliper and rotor.Brembo has built a reputation of producing quality products...  Read More

New Wheels from Helo

Tire Rack is excited to announce new wheel options from Helo. Helo wheels are available in unique styles that define the look of stock, lowered or lifted trucks and most passenger cars. Helo is a car and light truck custom wheel (rim) line offered in 20 different styles with sizes ranging between 16"-24". Some popular applications include: Cadillac Escalade,...  Read More

Not Too Late for Winter Tires

As much of the country is finding out, Old Man Winter is hitting us hard this year. Luckily, many drivers have switched to dedicated winter tires, making traveling along snow and ice-covered roads easier and safer. For those not using winter tires, take it from someone who is a first-time user of the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70. These tires make driving on...  Read More

Self-Adjusting Suspension: the Best of Both Worlds

Want a sportier ride from your car's suspension system without giving up ride comfort? Or better handling to go along with your new custom wheels and tires? KONI offers a unique and affordable solution. The KONI FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) is available for many Euorpean, domestic, and Asian vehicles such as Volkswagen, BMW, Mini, Audi, Mazda,...  Read More

Run-Flat Winter / Snow Tires: Don't Get Left Out in the Cold

BMW or MINI Cooper owners with run-flat tires sometimes replace them with conventional non-run-flats due to their rigid ride and higher price.Although this is generally acceptable mechanically for the car, it is important to consider the advantage of the run-flat tires. Imagine being stuck in the snow, ice and freezing cold with a flat tire trying to change...  Read More

Lamborghini Murcielago: New tire warning!!!

It's time for new rubber for your Supercar and you are thinking about getting tires other than the O.E. shoes your Murcielago came with. This may not be a good idea and it is important to know all the facts before you drop two grand plus.      Pirelli PZero Corsa System            Pirelli PZero RossoDue to the unique tire diameter (24.5F/26.1R) of the...  Read More