Max Performance vs. Ultra High Performance Tires: Which is Right for Me?

What is the difference between Maximum Performance and Ultra High Performance Summer tires?

Performance Categories

This is one of the most common summer tire questions I get from customers. It can also be the most confusing as there are subtle, yet important differences between these categories.  

Ultimately, the right choice comes down to driving styles and vehicle performance.

Max Performance:
Tires in this category are appropriate for aggressive-spirited drivers looking for the best possible dry and wet traction. These tires provide the best grip for street use as well as some light track driving. Max Performance tires will generally get around 18-20K miles depending on road conditions, driving style, and the vehicle's characteristics.

Ultra High Performance: Tires designed for spirited-moderate drivers looking for good dry and wet traction, but are willing to trade some grip for longer tread wear. Expect on average 30K miles for tires in the Ultra High Performance Summer category.

Just remember, making the best choice for your specific needs can be the difference between a great driving experience and a poor one.

Happy driving!

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