Road Surfaces and Your Tire's Wear

 Tramlining: Coping with the Ruts in the RoadI speak with many customers who are puzzled that their tires wore quicker than they expected. Although the most common reasons for this include improper tire rotation, air pressure and wheel alignment, there is another cause that is less obvious - road surface material. It's also worth noting that these factors can affect your tire's manufacturer treadlife warranty.

Think of road surfaces as sandpaper, as some roads are more coarse than others. Other roads are more coarse due to the raw materials native to the area. One example of this is coastal regions, where sea shells are embedded into the surface which makes the road more coarse than most roads in areas such as the Midwest.

In addition to affecting the treadlife of your tires, severely grooved or uneven road surfaces can be detrimental to your car's ability to track properly. This phenomenon is referred to as tramlining. Not to be confused with tire pull which is typically related to the vehicle. Any vehicle can exhibit tramlining on certain areas of the highway because of uneven pavement or severe rutting.    

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