Coil-Over Suspension for Your Porsche 911

Are you looking to shave time of your laps at the track? One way to do this is to improve the handling of your Porsche 911. By upgrading your OE suspension, you can hit that apex faster and with more confidence.

One of the best ways to improve your suspension is to upgrade to a coil-over damper system.

Coil-over systems from Bilstein, KW, and H&R give you the performance needed to shave off valuable seconds at the track and the flexibility to fine-tune both the ride height and damping rates to dial-in your Porsche 911 to fit your specific driving style.
Bilstein PSS9 Coil-Over KitBilstein PSS10 Coil-Over KitKW Variant 3 Coil-OverH&R Street Performance Coil-Over Kit

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