Choosing the Best Wheel Finish

Buying custom wheels or a Wheel & Tire Package for your vehicle can be both fun and challenging. Custom wheels can express your personality and enhance the look of your ride.

One thing often not considered is the maintenance and care of your new wheels. Selecting the right wheel finish should not be overlooked given the differing levels of durability and care needed for each.

Regardless of finish, we do not recommend using any cleaner on your wheels that you would not use on your vehicle's paint as many wheel cleaners will ruin your wheel's finish.

The following are common wheel finishes with attributes and considerations for each:
  • Chrome: Reflective plated finish that is relatively easy to wipe clean, Highly susceptible to road salt damage (not recommended for winter conditions), Prone to peeling or flaking over time.
  • Painted: One of the most durable finishes, Acceptable in all conditions, Easy to clean when waxed.
  • Polished: Attractive finish, very difficult to maintain, not recommended for winter conditions, generally no finish warranty.
  • Machined: Essentially bare alloy, difficult to maintain, susceptible to corrosion not recommended for winter conditions, look for protective finish or coating.


Monday, November 23, 2015 by Glenn Stojanovic

Thanks for this information. I'm currently looking for wheels that may stand the Chicago winter.

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