Me-More than you wanted to know

Yep, this is me.  Been doing this for a while, and am still enjoying it.  I race whenever I can, but more often on some one else's dime than my own, as kids and wives often do not appreciate expensive hobbies that do not include them.  I will always give you the truth, even  when that is not something you particularly want to hear.  Basal Advice-

1.  Cars have no opinion on tires beyond their minimal requirements of load, speed rating, and size.  How you drive the car determines what tire you should have.

2.  Everyone builds good product, and everyone builds junk.  The difference is primarily in what you want to do with the product, and with which specific item you want to do it.

3.  Above all, do not break what is not broken.

As always, I am here at ext. 648 or through email at  Let me know if you have any questions, or need some help-Always happy to try, at least.

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