Fast Competition Tires

I talk to customers frequently about the best tire for their competition needs. We lump them all together in our, Track and Competition DOT Tire category. However, we can further define them by the user's intended purpose. These are all my informal categories, and I break them out into several more groups:

Tires that are going to win events:
These are meant to be the fastest thing around, without regard to wear or ease of driving.

Hoosier R6 (R for Road Race)
Hoosier A6 (A for Autocross)
BFGoodrich g-Force R1
Kumho Ecsta V710
Hankook Ventus Z214

These tires will last maybe a few weekends, but they are quick.

Tires that make the track more fun
For people that are just out there to have fun, and not necessarily trying to win something, these are a far better choice. Easier to drive, and, most importantly, longer lasting, these tires give the car an extra edge, but are not as fast as the ones listed above.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup
Yokohama ADVAN A048
Pirelli P Zero Corsa
Kumho Ecsta V700
Kumho VictoRacer V700

Street tires that survive some track duty
For those people who are maybe doing street tire class autox, or maybe just want a tire that can be driven to the track without worry, I would suggest looking at any of the tires in our Extreme Performance category. They are not quite competition tires, however they are as quick as competition tires of just a few years ago.

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