Clearance wheels-Less than what? is great, as it offers you stocking levels on all of our products. At times the information causes some questions. A common question is; "What does less than two (Or insert your quantity here) mean?"

To help customers when selecting tires, wheels, brakes, suspension, or any of our products we list what we have in stock, and what has to be ordered.  Tires are usually pretty straightforward just enter your Zip Code and we will tell you the cost of delivery and a date range for when you should expect delivery. You can ship to the location of your choice including one of the 5000 independent Recommended Installers listed on

Our listings for closeout wheels can created a few questions about inventory levels. Wheels are on closeout since the manufacturer, for a variety of reasons, will not longer manufacture of a specific model. We display ALL models that we have for your particular vehicle even if the wheel is discontinued by the manufacturer and we might not have a complete set of four for you to purchase. We want to make sure that customers looking for less than a set of wheels for replacement are able to find the product they need. If we did not display items with low inventory someone may purchase an 4 of a different wheel instead of the single wheel to match. Unfortunately if it says less than four, we do not have complete set and if it is marked as a closeout we are not able to order more. 

We list the quantity as less than 4 instead of saying 3 as the quantity is based on the data from the night before and we may sell one or more of the items during the day. Less than three in the availability, means two or less in stock.  Less than two, would mean one or no wheel is available. .

This usually snags people looking at wheels that would normally be hundreds of dollars per wheel, but now show for $49 or $59 dollars.  That, unfortunately, is why-We just don't have a set of four to give you.  Further, since it is a discontinued item, we do not have access to any more.  Thus the price.

Hopefully this helps to clear the confusion, since disappointing a customer is one of our least favorite things to do. We hope that we can help both customers looking for a single replacement or a full set with our full inventory listings.


Friday, September 17, 2010 by KURT DICK

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 by Wes

Good afternoon- Thanks for the comment, however we haven't any left of the Borbet Type H in any fitment, unfortunately. They haven't made them in some time. Consequently my best suggestions would be to either looking into having the wheels you have repaired, or checking eBay or Craig's List to see if you might find a few used in the fitment you need. Sorry not better news!
Sunday, March 4, 2018 by Kevin Forehand

Looking for 1 sacchi s12 hypersilver 16x7..5x100
Monday, March 12, 2018 by Tire Rack Team

Kevin Forehand, unfortunately, we do not carry that wheel brand.

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