Best Winter Tire for the Family Truck

Lawn raking time is here in South Bend again and so our minds turn to winter tires. On my family truckster, we use the Blizzak DM-V1 due to its outstanding deep, fluffy snow traction. Without fail, it seems that we are the last subdivision to be plowed.  Consequently, I needed something that my wife could get through the white stuff in to get the kids to school and herself safely to work. 

The DMBridgestone Blizzak DM-V1-V1 uses Bridgestone's famous and efficient multicell compound to provide absorption to the thin layer of water that forms when pressure is applied to ice or snow. Since fluids cannot be compressed, the porous nature of the compound prevents the tire from hydroplanning and allows it to grip at the underlying surface with its embedded micro-bite particles to attack the surface like millions of little studs providing amazing chemical and mechanical grip.

SUVs, trucks and crossovers are extremely difficult to beat if you get all the winter traction available. Normally, they last my family about three seasons (about 20K miles or so) and our customers agree that they are the best for your family's SUV, truck or crossover.

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