Best Tires for Winter Snow and Ice Traction

With the first real snowstorm of the season under our belts in many parts of the country, a few of the best tires to tackle the snow and ice this winter are the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 and the Michelin X-Ice Xi2. For people who are willing to trade some handling on dry roads, a set of these Bridgestone winter tires and a set of these Michelin auto tires...  Read More

Subaru Tires for Winter

Subaru prepares its owners for winter by utilizing a state-of-the-art all-wheel drive system. Unfortunately, while the traction of AWD is amazing, it doesn't provide any advantage when the vehicle has to turn or stop. This is where winter / snow tires come in to play. They provide the stopping power to match the car's traction possibilities. Choosing the...  Read More

PIAA Bulbs for Those Long, Cold Winter Nights!

Winter's short days and long nights are approaching. Take control of the darkness with the selection of lighting products from PIAA. When it comes time to replace headlights, the PIAA 9004 Xtreme White Plus throws as much light as possible into the night to make certain you see everything needed to be safe. With its proprietary Xtra high efficiency design,...  Read More

Fun Winter / Snow BMW Tires from Pirelli

Recently, I spoke with a customer from Chicago who was looking for new tires and wheels for his BMW 1M. During the conversation, I suggested he look at the Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero Serie II to fit his needs. He told me that he had run more aggressive winter / snow tires before, and was sincerely impressed with the traction levels of this tire. Being in...  Read More

Good Stuff from Goodyear

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric is an amazing product. As a Max Performance Summer tire, it wrings amazing amounts of lateral grip and steering response from its carcass and compound, while remaining comfortable and quiet to the last. Not only does it rate consistently at the top of our performance tests, but a highly respected, national consumer rating...  Read More

Braille Lightweight Car Batteries

Braille racing and automotive batteries were created to give the user enhanced performance from their electrical system, as well as enhancing the overall level of handling from the car by reducing the weight.  When buying a car battery, one must take into account its intended usage. If your intended purpose is pure racing, and the battery is only used to...  Read More

Best All-Season Tire for Winter Driving

Based on our testing and experience, as well consumer reviews, the Continental ExtremeContact DWS is a very solid choice if one is looking for an all-season tire that is good in the winter and performs well the remainder of the year. If you like to drive hard year-round and only want to use one tire, this would be it.But not everyone should go with this...  Read More

Best Winter Tire for the Family Truck

Lawn raking time is here in South Bend again and so our minds turn to winter tires. On my family truckster, we use the Blizzak DM-V1 due to its outstanding deep, fluffy snow traction. Without fail, it seems that we are the last subdivision to be plowed.  Consequently, I needed something that my wife could get through the white stuff in to get the kids to...  Read More

Best All-Season Tires in Snow for Light Trucks/SUVs

The unicorn of the tire world has to be the elusive all-season tire that excels in snow traction. I think it is important to first understand that not even the best all-season tire will come close in winter traction levels to the worst winter tire. They simply can't. They are asked to do too many things in too many temperature levels. However, for many it is...  Read More

Yokohama AVID ENVigor

The latest High Performance All-Season tire from Yokohama, the AVID ENVigor, is a good one. Replacing the AVID H4s/V4s, it is made in a wide range of sizes from 15" to 20" and offers the promise of sporty handling, blended with comfort and long tread life.  From my time behind the wheel testing it against tires in the same price range, I can tell you that...  Read More

Tire Rack Garb -- How to Look the Part

My favorite shirt is one that I got here at work. Believe it or not, we have a great selection of shirts and sweatshirts for the weekend enthusiast. My favorite is the Adidas ClimaLite Polo shirt.  They are available in red, white or black, and, at $40-42 per, are of the exact same, wonderfully breathable, material that those shirts my home golf course...  Read More

Best Wheels for Winter Tires

Winter tires need winter wheels. Especially with the mandated onset of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, it is far less expensive in the long term to have an extra set of wheels on which your winter tires are mounted than to pay some one at least $20 per tire twice a year to switch the tires onto the same wheel. But what to look for in a winter wheel?My best...  Read More

Save Shipping Costs by Picking Up Your Order

Nevada, Louisiana, Indiana, Georgia and Connecticut residents: Do you live near one of our five distribution centers currently offering customer pick-up? Save the cost of shipping by following these easy steps:1.  Shop by vehicle and select the products you'd like to order in our Upgrade Garage.2.  Call to check stock at the warehouse nearest you, and...  Read More

Installation Made Easy

A common question from customers is also a very natural one: How do I get the products I have purchased from Tire Rack installed? It's really a lot easier than many think thanks to our network of independent Recommended Installers. These are shops that have been carefully screened for their installation equipment and expertise to perform installation of the...  Read More

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Tire manufacturers have begun to make serious efforts towards making fossil fueled vehicles more efficient by designing tires with lower rolling resistance. By reducing the amount of energy required to start and keep a tire rolling, the car becomes less expensive to run long term and reduces its impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions.Last...  Read More

Fast Competition Tires

I talk to customers frequently about the best tire for their competition needs. We lump them all together in our, Track and Competition DOT Tire category. However, we can further define them by the user's intended purpose. These are all my informal categories, and I break them out into several more groups:Tires that are going to win events:These are meant...  Read More

Clearance wheels-Less than what? is great, as it offers you stocking levels on all of our products. At times the information causes some questions. A common question is; "What does less than two (Or insert your quantity here) mean?" To help customers when selecting tires, wheels, brakes, suspension, or any of our products we list what we have in stock, and what has to be...  Read More

How big of a difference do winter tires make? Night and Day!

One of my favorite conversations to have with customers is the difference winter tires can make to them on a practical level.  I wasn't always employed here, and was extremely skeptical before I purchased my first set.  Now having been a convert for the past ten years, I get very excited this time of year, because the move to a set of winter rubber offers ...  Read More

Tires on Backorder-What am I looking at for a wait?

If there is one word that is confusing to my customers, it is that of backorder.  It means so many things in so many companies, but the easiest way to describe it here at The Tire Rack is with plan words: Backorder literally means that I have no stock to fill your order, as the manufacturer has no stock to fill our order, and they are unable to give us a...  Read More

Me-More than you wanted to know

Yep, this is me.  Been doing this for a while, and am still enjoying it.  I race whenever I can, but more often on some one else's dime than my own, as kids and wives often do not appreciate expensive hobbies that do not include them.  I will always give you the truth, even  when that is not something you particularly want to hear.  Basal Advice-1.  Cars...  Read More