When is the Right Time to Make the Winter Tire Swap?

When is the best time to change out summer/all-season tires for  winter tires?

The easy rule of thumb to remember is Thanksgiving to Tax Day, which is late November to mid-April. Of course, with the great diversity of climate we have in this country, the more specific answer is going to be a bit different depending on where you reside.

If you have summer-only tires on your vehicle, you want to install your winter set before temperatures hit 40 degrees Fahrenheit since that's the temperature threshold for that category of tires. If you have all-season tires, your answer may vary a bit more. While we still recommend getting the winter tires on before average temperatures hit 40 degrees, if you're in an area that won't see snow until much later and you don't have any traction issues with your all-season tires, you can certainly keep them on until snow is imminent. Areas further south such as Kentucky, Tennessee, or Arkansas that will still see some snow but not anywhere near as much as the Midwest and Northeast could potentially take the snow tires back off as early as February or March. Budgeting your time with your winter tires is a good way to help maximize their treadlife, because winter tires wear much faster you drive on them in warmer temperatures.

Looking for a set of winter tires? Shop by vehicle to see what's a fit for your application and be prepared to handle winter's toughest conditions.

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