Underhood Light or Dome Light for Any Vehicle

Do you have a vehicle that doesn't have a light under the hood from the factory? Well, I certainly do, and as much as I'm under the hood, that's an important thing for me to have. My old Jeep had one, so I figured the new Jeep would as well. However, Jeep decided that wasn't important. If it's important to you, you're in luck because installing an underhood light is easy with KC HiLites new Cyclone L.E.D.  

You can bolt this super bright little light anywhere you can fit a bolt and a nut, so attaching under a hood, as an interior dome light, or under the vehicle is easy! The Universal Cyclone L.E.D. Kit comes with everything you need to wire in a bright light with a switch under the hood of any vehicle. The kit comes with a weatherproof switch, wiring harness and fuse so installing anywhere is a breeze. The KC HiLites Cyclone is also available in several lens options:

The Cyclone L.E.D.s are quite compact for the amount of light they provide, coming in at only 2.2" diameter and only 0.53" depth. They keep a nice, compact form factor that is sure to satisfy.

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