Putco L.E.D. Bulb Replacements

Have you ever looked at your turn signals or brake lights and wished they were brighter? I did recently, and picked up a set of Putco L.E.D. tail lights, front amber turn signals and reverse lights to replace my current bulbs. The difference was really surprising! 

In the past, I've tried the 360 style L.E.D. replacement bulbs, and they worked out well. However, the plasma options are significantly brighter. They use less power than the stock bulbs, so the vehicle may think one of the bulbs is dead and start to "hyper blink" when you put on the turn signal (blinks twice as fast as normal). In this case, a resistor will be necessary, and they can easily be spliced into your stock wiring and be tucked out of the way.

Shop by vehicle to see if we Putco L.E.D. bulbs are available for your application.

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