Pad Swap: Hawk HPS vs. Hawk LTS

In an earlier post, I discussed how I installed a set of DBA 4x4 Survival Series T3 Rotors and some Hawk LTS rear pads and HPS front pads (the LTS front pads weren't in stock at the time). I was happy with the increase in brake torque over the stock brakes, but I still felt as though I could get a little more stopping power if I installed LTS pads on the front and back. 

Hawk performance pads (non-ceramic) develop most of their brake torque by abrasion. When swapping pad compounds, it's always a good idea to at least scuff up the rotor surface a bit to get a clean surface to lay down the different pad compound (I used some fine grit sandpaper). Switching from HPS to LTS was just about seamless. I took off the calipers, did some light sanding on the firepath, put in the new pads, reinstalled everything, then did another bed-in procedure.

The LTS pad was developed to be a truck version of the HPS, but it is more tuned for the weight of heavier vehicles and more intense applications. While my Jeep Wrangler may not be a heavy vehicle on the grand scheme of things, it does have some pretty big tires at 315/70R17 (~35"x12.5"). The extra heavy-duty LTS pads do help out a bit more. If this were a Jeep with stock size tires (or up to 33" tires), I would probably stay with the HPS. However, due to the larger tire size and the large amount of weight I carry when I go camping, the heavier-duty Hawk LTS pads work better for my application.

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