O.Z. Racing and Greek Mythology: a Killer Combo for Tesla Model S

O.Z Racing's new Atelier Forged series of wheels feature some new styling for the Tesla Model S in 21" fitments. Atelier in French means "studio" or "workshop" and is also the name of O.Z. Racing's specialty forged wheels in which they take great pride. These are a few of the highest-quality wheels on the market and are forged in Italy by some of the world's finest wheel makers. Forging is the process of forcing a solid billet of aluminum between the forging dies under an extreme amount of pressure. This creates a finished product that is very dense, very strong and therefore can be very light.

The Greek gods featured with these wheels are Ares and Zeus. And these new options really pop! They are available for the Tesla Model S in 21x9" for all four corners in a square fitment or available as a staggered fitment with 21x10" rear wheels. These forged wheels are incredibly light too, weighing in almost 10 pounds per wheel less than other, non-forged wheels in this size.

The O.Z. Racing Atelier Forged Ares and Zeus are a beautiful blend of form and function, and will set your Tesla Model S apart from the pack. Available in four different finishes to suit your style, shop by vehicle to see if these wheels are an option for you.

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