Looking for a Quick Boost? Want to Install Bigger Tires? Eibach's All-Terrain Level Kit May Be What You Need!

Are you looking to fit some bigger tires on your truck or Jeep? Do you want that aggressive look without having to spend a fortune rebuilding your suspension? Eibach introduces their All-Terrain Level Kit for just this purpose!

It comes with everything you need to eliminate that factory "rake" or the appearance that the front is lower than the rear in many vehicles. This also makes more room under the front of the vehicle so you can clear a bigger tire and/or more aggressive wheel with a lower offset without rubbing during turning. The kit comes with two front springs (where applicable), four Eibach heavy-duty shocks to increase performance both on- and off-road. It also includes extended sway bar end links where applicable.

The All-Terrain Level Kit is available for many of today's Jeep and truck applications. This kit only lifts the front end up about 2" on average. If you're looking for a full lift kit that gets you 2.5"-3.5" lift in front and 2"-3" lift in rear, check out the Eibach All-Terrain Lift Kit and an article about special installation notes for Jeeps!

Check to see if the Eiback All-Terrain Level Kit is right for your vehicle by visitng in our Upgrade Garage!


Monday, December 5, 2016 by John kirk

I have f250 44 2013 w/ 265/70/r17 I want taller tires what do you have for good traction?..
Thursday, December 8, 2016 by Turk Turkleton

Hello John,

The tire size possibilities for your truck may be limited by the wheel width on the truck, so if you are looking for tires for your original equipment wheels, then you should give us a call and we can discuss that!

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