Introducing the New KMC XD Series XD827Rockstar III

In the world of aftermarket wheels, custom is king. KMC is at the leading edge of wheel design and they have just expanded their popular Rockstar lineup to include a highly customizable new option with some great color combinations that will really set your vehicle apart from the pack!

The new KMC XD Series XD827 Rockstar III comes stock in two different finish options: black painted and machined with satin black accent. There are inserts in a variety of different colors, most of which are based on Jeep Wrangler paint schemes so you can customize your wheels to match your Jeep. With options to switch the center star, outer ring, mid spoke, or split spokes available in so many colors, you can be sure that your wheels are unique to your vehicle.

Here are some close-up photos of the attachments that can be swapped out for the wheels. These will be special order items in the initial roll-out of this new model, however we hope to have stock of many of these options more regularly in the future. 

Shop by vehicle to see if the new KMC XD Series Rockstar III is available for your application.

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