Hawk LTS Pads and Centric Rotors are a Great Combination!

Looking for a new set of brakes? If you're looking to replace with OEM quality parts or upgrade your vehicle's brakes, Hawk and Centric are a great combination for most vehicles. I recently helped a friend install a set of Hawk LTS brake pads and Centric Plain 120 Series rotors on a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport with a suspension lift and 35x12.50R17 tires. His stock brakes were starting to squeal in the rear because, as we learned, the ERM (electronic roll mitigation) and traction control systems apply light pressure to the rear brakes when the vehicle's computer senses slippage to keep the vehicle pointed in the right direction. This tends to wear out the rear brakes before the front brakes. 

The front installation went smoothly, but the rear was a bit harder on account of the parking brake, which is notoriously annoying in this generation of Jeeps. Make sure to chock the wheels so the Jeep doesn't roll when you disengage the parking brake to remove the rear rotors. I had to use a sledgehammer on the rear rotors (in between the lugs) to break them free, so don't be alarmed if they don't just slide off.

On the road, these brakes stop the Jeep's big 35" tires with ease and give you confidence that the OEM brakes just can't provide with big tires.

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