Buying Tires for Your Mazda 3? View All Options Here!

The Mazda 3 is a fantastic little car with a great power-to-weight ratio and good gas mileage. It's no wonder that it is so popular with sports car enthusiasts and average daily drivers alike.

Below are some top picks for tires in the various sizes that the Mazda 3 has had over the years. If you see a tire listed below for a size that is different than the one you have, that tire may still be available for your size, too. Make sure you shop by vehicle to see all options available.

195/65R15 for Mazda 3 i Trim Levels (2004-2009)

205/55R16 for most Mazda 3 (2004-2013)

205/50R17 Optional on Mazda 3 S Trim Levels (2004-2013)

205/60R16 on 2014 i Models

215/45R18 on 2014 S Models

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