Salute the General!

This week, we're testing Standard Touring All-Season tires on our road course and test track. My favorite tire out of the bunch was the General AltiMAX RT. On the road ride, the tire showed good responsiveness and steering control. And while all the tires created some level of road noise, the General was the quietest.

General AltiMAX RTOn our wet test track, the AltiMAX RT inspired more confidence coming around the skid pad and through the slalom. It also did a good job braking on the wet track. I was feeling a little aggressive and decided to wait a little longer to brake and was surprised when I was able to come to a quick stop, cut the wheel and take off down the back straightaway.

Overall, the General AltiMAX RT is a good choice for everyday coupes and sedans, and is available in many sizes from 13" to 17".

Stay tuned for the full results of this test.

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