Replacing One Tire on an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle

With an all-wheel drive vehicle, it is important to keep all four tires the same model, brand and tread depth.

The ability of an all-wheel drive vehicle to divide the engine's horsepower between its four tires is especially useful on loose or slippery surfaces. However, it is important to remember that in order to transfer the power, the all-wheel drive vehicle's driveline mechanically connects the tires to work in unison. Mismatched tires will lead to excessive heat and unwarranted wear until the system fails.

When replacing only one tire, there are a few simple steps to follow:
  1. Have three remaining tire's tread depth measured.
  2. Have new tire shaved to the tread depth of remaining three tires.
  3. Replace damaged tire with same brand, design and tread depth.
For more information, read "Matching Tires on Four-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive Vehicles."

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