Do It Yourself!

You just bought an awesome Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package from Tire Rack. Everything showed up at your door and you're ready to tackle Mother Nature for another season of cold white stuff. But why pay someone twice each year to switch your tires and wheels out for you? Do it yourself!

Jack and Jack Stand SetTire Rack's Aluminum Service Jack and Jack Stand Set is a perfect to help you get your package installed in your own garage! A lightweight service jack (only 50 lbs.) can reach a maximum height of 19.5", and can get there in 12 strokes or less, even under load. Set the jack stands using the safety pins and you can have your winter set on in no time!

But don't forget the torque wrench! Make sure those wheels are on tight with an adjustable torque wrench that can accurately measure up to 150 ft/lbs. of torque.

Stop making multiple trips to the shop each year and do it yourself with the help of Tire Rack!

Complete Tire & Wheel Package installation instructions are here.

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