The Lowdown on Low Rolling Resistance

With the advent of new green propulsion technologies for cars, light trucks, and SUVs, it is only natural that tire manufacturing companies would take an interest in developing more fuel-efficient tires. Market demand for such tires will only continue to increase as the fleet of hybrid, electric, and diesel-powered vehicles grows and becomes more and...  Read More

Cryogenically treated brake rotors?

Like many other drivers, are you looking for long lasting, warp-resistant brake rotors? Look no further than Power Alloy Cryo-Treated Rotors by Power Slot! Whether you drive a BMW, Audi, Porsche or even a sport truck or performance SUV, you can experience the benefits of cryo-treated rotors. What is cryogenic treatment?  Deep cryogenic treatment is a...  Read More

What Speeds Up Must Slow Down, Don't Forget the Brakes

Don't overlook your brake system when upgrading your vehicle with performance parts. Tire Rack has a number of brake pads and brake rotors available to fit the needs of your driving style. If you prefer replacement brake pads similar to the Original Equipment pads or something with a little more performance or event track pads, Tire Rack has them available...  Read More

Stopping Your Oversize A/T Tires or M/T Tires

Need better brakes for your oversize All Terrain Tires or Mud Tires that you can't slow down fast enough? Give Hawk Performance brake pads a try. I have a Toyota 4Runner with 33X12.50X17 All Terrain Tires on it. Stopping the vehicle on 33" tires with the stock brakes was a challenge at times. Hawk Performance HPS pads offer 20-40% more stopping power over...  Read More

Hawk LTS brake pads are a great choice for your truck or SUV brake pads.

Need new brake pads for your SUV?  I recommend the Hawk LTS brake pads. The compound utilizes Hawks Ferro-Carbon material that has proven so effective with the Hawk HPS pads The LTS compound is formulated specifically for Light Truck and SUV applications and is intended for owners seeking:increased stopping power increased fade resistance minimal dust low...  Read More

Warped rotors? No problem!

I own a 4-wheel drive Chevy Tahoe, a heavy SUV with fairly small brakes. I have replaced the front rotors with Original Equipment equivalent rotors only to replace them again a few months later due to severe warping from the heat generated by every day normal braking. Cryo-stop rotors have been the solution to my problem. Although they still look like stock...  Read More

Why ask Henry about tires?

Hi! I have worked at Tire Rack for over 13 years. Part of my job is to test the tires we sell on both the highway and on our test track where I push the tires to their limits in both dry and wet conditions. I test all kinds of tires from Standard Touring All-Season tires, High Performance All-Season tires to Extreme Performance Summer tires. Some of my...  Read More


I don't know about everyone else, but in my opinion there is nothing worse than not being able to stop. So let's take a minute to talk about brakes. Stopping power is derived from the friction material. Friction material is more commonly known as a brake pad. Pads create friction against the rotor which allows the vehicle to stop. This whole process creates...  Read More

When you buy brake pads, choose from the right performance category.

As we all know, brake pads are a crucial element of your vehicle. Buy the wrong ones, or install them incorrectly, and a whole heck of a lot can go wrong—that's why we do our best to help you out when you need to buy brake pads. Starting with performance categories. Find out where your vehicle resides, and we can narrow down a selection of brake pads that...  Read More

Akebono ProACT™ Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

Looking to upgrade from conventional brake pads? Akebono ProACT™ ceramic brakes are an excellent option—they even appear as Original Equipment on some of North America's most popular cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles."I chose these pads because I wanted something better than stock, with little fade, and less brake dust that would not eat up my...  Read More

Brake Pads and Rotors at the Tire Rack, Customize Your Brake System

Ever thought to buy brake pads and rotors online? With Tire Rack you can buy brake pads and brake rotors of your choice shipped to you, or your installer. Tire Rack has brake components to fit your vehicle broken down into four performance categories to help with the selection process. Premium Performance Street Autocross/Track Truck & SUV About a year ago,...  Read More

Are car and SUV brakes the same?

Technically speaking, the answer is no. They're very different. It's fairly obvious that an SUV is larger and therefore weighs more than a car. To reference Sir Isaac Newton, that means a greater force will be needed to stop an SUV when it is in motion. It's the law of physics, and we've made it the law of brakes, too.SUV brakes take into account stop and go...  Read More

Hawk Brake Options at the Tire Rack

Like the many tire options available at the Tire Rack.  There are quite a few brake pads available.  Tire Rack carries Hawk brake pads.  Hawk brakes do a good job offering brake pads in each performance category to enhance your brake system. Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads Developed to meet the ultra-low dust and low noise attributes of O.E. ceramic...  Read More

Performance Brake Pads: Which Category Does Your Vehicle Fall Under?

Performance brake pads aren't just performance brake pads—and that's because brakes aren't as simple as they seem. Different vehicles require different braking systems, and that's why we've grouped our performance brake pads into subsequent categories. Take a look:Premium: Excellent stopping power for the everyday driver. Premium brake pads lower braking...  Read More

SUV Brakes

If you drive an SUV, odds are you have bigger than average wheels and tires. But, have you considered that a bigger vehicle with bigger wheels needs enhanced braking power to bring it to a complete stop? SUV brakes and rotors designed for durability are the answer. Increase overall braking performance with larger rotors and SUV or truck brake pads.Sound...  Read More

Yes, you can find brake pads online.

At Tire Rack, all the tools you need to find brake pads online are at your fingertips. Understand the four performance categories that are available: • Premium • Performance Street • Autocross/Track • Truck & SUVEach category serves a distinct purpose for a specific type of vehicle. Check to see what type of brakes you currently have, then asses what it is...  Read More

Why Ceramic Brake Pads?

Replacing the brakes on your car or truck can be a costly venture. Picking out the right brake components is a very important decision. The pads you choose can make the biggest difference in stopping power, cleanliness, noise and longevity. Ceramic brake pads have changed the standards for brakes today. Compared to the semi-metallic pads found on most...  Read More

Disc Brake Challenge Part V: Bleeding The Brakes And Bedding-In The Pads

With the new brake pads and rotors installed, it's time for Samuel to bleed any air out of the brake lines. The first step is to check the condition of the brake fluid currently in the lines.Step 1: Checking the fluidBrake fluid is an interesting substance. It's actually a specialized type of hydraulic fluid and it does require inspection and or replacement...  Read More

Give me a brake ....

Yes, I meant  to spell it that way because, today I am blogging about brakes. Everyday I get to field questions from people about all types of performance and aesthetic upgrades but, many times the unintended consequences are not even seen.Brakes are often over looked when upgrading wheels and tires and it's easy to understand why. A wheel and tire package ca...  Read More

Pull Those Stud Cips!

One of the most common issues we hear about is wheel vibrations after new tires and aftermarket alloy wheels are installed. More often than not, the vibrations are caused by little washers attached to the brake rotor or brake drum. These locking washers are called stud clips.These are found mostly on domestic vehicles produced by GM, Ford, Chrysler, Saturn,...  Read More