"It's a Jeep Thing Part" Part 4

The Jeep looks good without the H&R springs.
tires no lift
But as I mentioned in Part 2 the H&R sport spring set should make it perfect.

As always, matching your vehicle to the application is the key to success and a mild one-inch lift should be a solid choice by not getting too high and destabilizing the ride yet enough to achieve the goal of a weekend warrior. I have selected the 1-inch kit from H&R Springs to achieve the lift with four new springs. I would rate the installation of the kit as a 5 on a 1-10 difficulty scale and easier than that if you have a hoist to swap the springs out. You simply need to remove the bottom shock bolts from the lower A-arm in the front and the axle mount shock bolts in the rear and the bottom sway bar bolts (two front, two rear). If you are going to do this at home make sure you have a safe plan to lift the body of the Jeep with a floor jack or high-lift jack that will allow enough clearance to slip the springs in and out and, of course, someone to operate the jack. The other option is to use a spring compressor that can typically be rented from a local auto parts store, however, I found the spring compressor to be a cumbersome method on the Jeep. 

The lift looks great and the feel of the Jeep has returned to its original feel...mission accomplished!

My next step will be to upgrade the shocks and brakes.


Saturday, June 29, 2013 by Ronda

My 04 Cherokee with 4" lift has the "deathWobble" happening. It has been looked at by many, repaired and replaced parts, but wobble always returns. The drop pitmin arm was the last thing replaced, the stock arm was still on it, alignment and still wobbeling.I am at my wits end. Suggestions....HELP I LOVE MY JEEP
Wednesday, July 3, 2013 by Todd

Hello Rhonda
several things come to mind on what could be the cause of the wobble from wheel bearings to steering stabilizer, to sway bar links, I would assume all the bushings have been checked or changed with the 4 inch lift kit, what kind of tires and wheels (size and offset) are you running? please feel free to give me a call on Friday the 5th I would be happy to help@1-800-428-8355 ext 4673
Thanks again

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