When Should I Replace My Winter / Snow Tires?

When tires reach 2/32" (approximately 1.6mm) of remaining tread depth they are considered to be legally worn out. According to U.S. law, tires must also have easy-to-see Tread Wear Indicator bars incorporated into their tread design for visual indication that a tire has worn down to 2/32". Tire Rack offers an easy-to-use tread depth gauge for around 20...  Read More

Winter Run-Flat Tires

Don't want to give up the peace of mind you get from having run-flat tires in the winter? No problem. Take a look at the Bridgestone Blizzak LM 60 RFT. It offers the best of both worlds during the winter months. Bridgestone's Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology (UNI-T) brings advanced tire technologies together, taking tire performance to a new...  Read More

Winter Performers in All-Season Tires

The Goodyear Assurance/Fortera TripleTred tires from Goodyear once again hold the top slot for winter traction within the all-season tire selection. For a more performance-oriented application, the Continental ExtremeContact DWS is the top performer based on customer feedback.   Read More

Winter Tire Test

The first week of August Tire Rack tested the new winter tires for 2010 on the local ice skating rink. This year's line-up for testing included the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70, a rework of the WS60 with deeper tread for improved deep snow traction and the Continental ExtremeWinterContact with improver rubber compound to operate better on sheer ice. Also...  Read More

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Review

I have a 1999 4WD Chevrolet Tahoe that I decided to try a set of Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza tires on, at my expense of course. After 6,000 miles and one rotation, I have solidified the quality and ride comfort that this tire has been famous for since its release a few years back. My Tahoe rides better than when it was new. Even in bad weather. The...  Read More

Center lock Wheels for Porsche coming soon to Tire Rack

Tire Rack will be offering the new center lock O.Z. Racing Superforgiata one–piece, forged wheel. The 19x8.5 is expected to be under 17 lbs. for Porsche applications and are expected in our warehouses sometime in the fourth quarter of 2010.  Read More

Run-flat tires? Have you seen the Continental ContiComfortKit?

In today’s world of run-flat tires and manufacturers selling vehicles without spare tires, Continental has introduced a convenient, safe and effective compressed air/tire sealant delivery system that can be ordered for less than $100 dollars, and can be stored under a seat or in a storage compartment.ContiComfortKit uses sealant to temporarily fix a...  Read More

PayPal now available at Tire Rack

The Tire Rack is now offering PayPal as a payment option to help make your shopping experience as convenient as possible. Feel free to choose from our wide selection of tires, wheelsshocks, struts, wipers a and more. Should you need any assistance navigating our site or a professional opinion on your selection, give Tire Rack a call at 1-800-428-8355.Also...  Read More

"It's a Jeep Thing" Brake Time

As with any modification, there are always going to be changes in the performance of the vehicle. While the Dick Cepek wheels and BFGoodrich tires look and perform great, the braking system on the Jeep is now a little slow to stop the extra rotating mass. A simple upgrade on the front brake pads should be enough to bring it back to the stock or better ...  Read More

"It's a Jeep Thing Part" Part 4

The Jeep looks good without the H&R springs. But as I mentioned in Part 2 the H&R sport spring set should make it perfect.As always, matching your vehicle to the application is the key to success and a mild one-inch lift should be a solid choice by not getting too high and destabilizing the ride yet enough to achieve the goal of a weekend warrior. I have ...  Read More

"It's a Jeep Thing" Part 3

Wow, what a difference! With the tire and wheels installed on the Jeep you can see that the change in appearance was immediate and effective, the Dick Cepek wheels and the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO tires take the Wrangler X commuter Jeep from average to custom for about a thousand dollars.The effect on the drive ability was very minimal and frankly...  Read More

"It's a Jeep Thing" Part 2

After fitting up the new tires and wheels I think the BFGoodrich tires look perfect on the Dick Cepek wheels! Checking for clearance we are left with over an inch and a half all the way around at full lock to lock with stock ride height.  The only real concern is that the tire sticks out from the fender by about 2 inches due to the -12 wheel offset and ...  Read More

"It's a Jeep thing"

Project Jeep BeforeAfter a couple years of driving the 05 Jeep Wrangler, my wife has decided it is time to upgrade the wheels and tires on it to personalize her ride. She has decided to allow me to pick out the tires and wheels, so how wide and how tall do we go with it and what kind of tires will she actually be happy with in the long run? Here are some key...  Read More

Replacing One Tire on an AWD Vehicle

I often hear from customers who have damaged one tire on their AWD vehicle that they would like to buy one tire to replace the damaged tire. Simply installing one new tire runs the risk of drivability problems or expensive drive line damage. I recommend they consider a set of four depending on availability and the tread depth of the three remaining tires....  Read More

Circle track DOT budget tire set-up

Many local circle tracks are now and have been only allowing DOT tires with a minimum of 200 UTQG rating on their entry level or budget classes. I have about 10 years of experience on our local bullrings and still talk set-up with some of the competitors. Over the next few weeks I will be researching the best combination of Rim & Tires, shocks and springs...  Read More

Why buy winter tires?

We Know How They Go in Ice and Snow www.tirerack.com/videos/index.jsp Since "experience is the best teacher," the Tire Rack team drives on as many of the tires we offer as possible. This testing allows us to better understand a tire's ride and noise qualities on the road, and its performance capabilities on the track. And even though Mother Nature is very...  Read More