Warped rotors? No problem!

I own a 4-wheel drive Chevy Tahoe, a heavy SUV with fairly small brakes. I have replaced the front rotors with Original Equipment equivalent rotors only to replace them again a few months later due to severe warping from the heat generated by every day normal braking.

Cryo-stop rotors have been the solution to my problem. Although they still look like stock rotors, internally the cryogenic treatment has dramatically increased durability and abrasive wear resistance. Installed over 3 years ago and with more than 45k miles, they show no signs of warping or fading. Matched with Hawk LTS pads which have improved stopping power, far better from the original equipment pads.
Cryo-Stop Rotor
Tire Rack carries Cryo-treated rotors to fit most SUVs and trucks on the market today.


Saturday, October 23, 2010 by Mario

Yes that is true. I had the rotors instaled on my Saturn Vue and they made a huge, huge difference. Thank you Adrian and TireRack.

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