Pirelli P Zero RFT tires on my Mini Cooper S

I put Pirelli P Zero RFT tires on my Mini Cooper S a few weeks ago.  The nePirelli P Zero RFTw P Zero is a Max Performance Summer tire designed for exceptional traction in dry and wet driving conditions.  Because I do quite a bit of long distance driving, having run-flat tires was important to me and there aren't that manry options inthe 205/40-18 size that I need (the tires are mounted on 18" SSR wheels for a Plus One fitment).

So far (I only have about 1,000 miles on them), I am very pleased with their performance.  In the dry the traction is excellent with very high cornering limits.  These Pirelli tires also provide very good hydroplane resistance in the wet.  I've done some highway driving in heavy rain and had no problems at all.  The ride quality is very firm which is typical of run-flat tires, but they are quieter than many tires in the Max Performance category.

Overall, I am happy with this choice of tire for my Mini.

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