Choosing a winter / snow tire

Like any significant purchase decision, having the right information is the key to choosing the right winter tire or snow tire.

The first question often asked is "Do I need dedicated winter/snow tires?"  Here are a couple of tire tests that can help you answer that question:

Testing on Ice:  Winter/Snow tires vs. All-season tires vs. Summer tires

All-season Tires vs. Passenger vehicle winter tires

All-season tires vs. SUV/Light Truck winter tires

Another typical question:  "Do I need four winter tires?"

Mixed vs. Matched Tire Test

Any other question about snow tires or winter tire and wheel packages can be found in our Winter Tech Section.

Lastly, once your need has been determined, we have complete tire information including tire reviews, tire survey results, tire specs and tire warranty information to help you make the right choice.  All snow / winter tires are designed for one-season performance, but their designs lead to different characteristics allowing for choice based on the vehicle and the winter driving conditions.

From my personal experience, there is nothing better than driving in the winter with the confidence that the right tire can give you.

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