Highest Rated 350Z tires

Now that there are some real options in the right sizes for the 350Z, it is interesting to see which 350Z tires get the highest ratings from our consumer Tire Reviews. In the 225/45-18 and 245/45-18 size combination, the top non-winter tires (a couple winter tires actually achieve the highest ratings) are the Bridgestone RE960AS Pole Position and the Micheli...  Read More

350Z Tire Options

The Nissan 350Z came in quite a few configurations:  Base, Enthusiast, Gran Touring, NISMO, Touring and Track (not to mention Coupe or Convertible in several of these configurations. The Base, Enthusiast, and Touring models came with a 225/45-18 Front tire and 245/45-18 rear tire.  In 2003, these were quite unique sizes and there weren't many tire options...  Read More

Choosing a winter / snow tire

Like any significant purchase decision, having the right information is the key to choosing the right winter tire or snow tire. The first question often asked is "Do I need dedicated winter/snow tires?"  Here are a couple of tire tests that can help you answer that question:Testing on Ice:  Winter/Snow tires vs. All-season tires vs. Summer tiresAll-season...  Read More

Snow Tires (Winter Tires) in August?

No...don't put them on your car, yet. Being more involved in the advertising part of our business means I am already deep into the winter tire advertising.  We are looking forward to a great season.  Our selection of tire brands offering winter tires is bigger than ever, and we have a huge selection of aftermarket wheels priced for winter use in winter tire...  Read More

Are They Winter Tires or Snow Tires?

This is a common discussion in our marketing department. We know that most of the public refer to dedicated winter tires as snow tires.  But, we also know that the purpose of these types of tires is to offer improved traction in both snow and cold.  Under 32 degrees Farenheit, tires designed for summer performance become very hard and have little traction...  Read More

KONI Damper Set Improves the Mini

After hitting 60,000 miles on the my Mini Cooper S, I could tell it was time (and maybe a little late) for replacement shock absorbers.  The car wasn't settling as quickly after dips in road and small bumps were becoming much more noticeable.  I considered shocks from a few different manufacturers like KYB, KONI and Bilstein.  But after reading the shock...  Read More

Pirelli P Zero RFT tires on my Mini Cooper S

I put Pirelli P Zero RFT tires on my Mini Cooper S a few weeks ago.  The new P Zero is a Max Performance Summer tire designed for exceptional traction in dry and wet driving conditions.  Because I do quite a bit of long distance driving, having run-flat tires was important to me and there aren't that manry options inthe 205/40-18 size that I need (the...  Read More