Spring showers

Having the right tires on your vehicle for evacuating water and resisting hydroplaning is important during the rainy season. Certain brands are better than others when it comes to wet traction.

The Tire Rack testing program helps us determine which tires are the best in cornering and braking on wet surfaces.  Putting the tires through the paces on our fully irrigated test track with a skid pad and slalom course gives us a true and reliable indication of what tires are capable of "handling the wet."

The tread design of a tire helps reduce hydroplaning at high speeds and when you are passing through deep water.  Where the tread compound is most effective is when you are traveling at lower speeds or in shallow water. By choosing a directional tread design when using a wider tire size than original equipment, you will receive maximum resistance to hydoplaning.  Would you like more information on hydoplaning resistance?

The Tire Decision Guide on Tire Rack's website is a superb tool for determining the best tire for your needs. The surveys and the tests links on our site will assist you all year long with your tire selection, too.

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