Slip Sliding Away

Until yesterday, I was sure that I knew how to drive on summer performance tires in wet conditions without losing control of my vehicle and spinning out. Little did I know that when the test track temperatures drop, 75% of the straight line traction and 95% of the slalom course and skid pad traction would be lost.

At first I thought it was the brand of tire I was test driving that was causing the slip sliding away, but all four tires that we tested responded the same way -- limited traction other than straight line at slow speeds.

What a suprise I got when I was sideways on the track, not once, but several times during the course of eight runs on the Max Performance Summer tires we were testing. The lesson I learned is one that I thought I already knew, but apparently not since all of my personal vehicles use Passenger All-Season tires.

This new information will serve me well when recommending a solution to a loss of traction in cool temperatures when using summer performance tires in wet conditions.

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