Check the Tires on Your New or Used Car

If you have recently purchased a new or used vehicle, hopefully the tires were in good shape and the tread type was appropriate for where you live and drive.

When we bought my son a used Golf, the tires that are on the vehicle were a summer tread and only had 5/32 tread depth available. Not an ideal situation this time of year for a 17-year old living in South Bend, Indiana. I suggested  to my son that he check our website and search for what tire is best suited to his vehicle, driving style and price range.

The web site proved beneficial, as he was able to find six tires that would work on his car and that would provide safe traction for the weather conditions we face here in the Midwest. 

It is good to know that even the young enthusiasts among us can navigate the Tire Rack web site, find available product and learn more about his car and vehicles in general!

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