Balance and Control. The Key to Winter Traction.

All winter / snow tires are not created equally. Some are better in deep snow or on ice or hard-packed snow. Some snow tires offer just slightly better snow and ice traction than an all-season tire although they provide superior handling on dry or wet road conditions. Depending on the part of the country you live in, the vehicle you drive and your winter driving skill, there is a snow tire designed specifically for your needs.

When choosing to use snow tires, the safest and best traction comes from having four snow tires on the vehicle. Starting, cornering and stopping traction will be at the highest level when all four tires are gripping at the same level.

Certain parts of the country receive significantly more snow than other areas, and some areas have more ice to contend with than snow. The manufacturers who produce snow tires have taken all of that into account and in my eight years of selling snow tires, there have not been very many (none that I can recall off-hand) times when a customer was unable to find a snow tire that when installed in a set of four, would not provide the safety and traction required for a particular area of the country.

Whether you need performance winter tires for your sports sedan or studded snow tires for your light truck, Tire Rack has a wide range of brands and sizes to choose from to help you keep moving when the snow starts to fly.

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