Buying Tires for Young Drivers

What is the best tire for your daughter's or son's car? The answer depends on how old the driver is, where they drive and the make, model and year of the vehicle. With this information we can recommend the best traction tire we sell for their vehicle and the weather conditions they will face.For example, my son's 04 VW Golf's tires and wheels are the...  Read More

Check the Tires on Your New or Used Car

If you have recently purchased a new or used vehicle, hopefully the tires were in good shape and the tread type was appropriate for where you live and drive. When we bought my son a used Golf, the tires that are on the vehicle were a summer tread and only had 5/32 tread depth available. Not an ideal situation this time of year for a 17-year old living in...  Read More

Are you going to drive in snow for the first time this year?

If this will be your first time driving in a winter climate, there are few things to consider. One of the most important things to remember is that how comfortable and competent you are driving in winter weather is important, but being aware of the other drivers around you is equally important. In other words, defensive driving techniques are valuable when...  Read More

Slip Sliding Away

Until yesterday, I was sure that I knew how to drive on summer performance tires in wet conditions without losing control of my vehicle and spinning out. Little did I know that when the test track temperatures drop, 75% of the straight line traction and 95% of the slalom course and skid pad traction would be lost.At first I thought it was the brand of tire I...  Read More

When it Snows Can You Still Go?

If you live in an area of the country where snow and ice will be upon you before you can say "Winter Tire and Wheel Package" then you have some decisions to make about how you are going to get the traction you need to stay on the road and keep your car out of the collision center.Tire Rack recommends a dedicated set of winter tires and wheels for several...  Read More

How to Choose a Winter / Snow Tire That Meets Your Needs

When it comes to winter tires there are three types on the market. Studless Ice and Snow tires provide the best traction on ice and in packed snow conditions without the need for tire studs, while Performance Winter / Snow tires have the correct tread design, tread compound and tread depth to suit less severe winter conditions. Finally, there are the Studda...  Read More

Balance and Control. The Key to Winter Traction.

All winter / snow tires are not created equally. Some are better in deep snow or on ice or hard-packed snow. Some snow tires offer just slightly better snow and ice traction than an all-season tire although they provide superior handling on dry or wet road conditions. Depending on the part of the country you live in, the vehicle you drive and your winter...  Read More

Too Many Tire Choices, Not Enough Time

If you are as busy as I am, it is hard enough to sit down to eat dinner with your family once a month, let alone try to research what product best suits my needs when shopping for the best value. At Tire Rack, we do the product research to shorten your time spent selecting tires, wheels, suspension or brake components. You are just a click away from enough...  Read More

Long Lasting Tread Life with Traction to Boot

If there was a tire that was long lasting and could provide exceptional traction throughout the life of the tire as well, would you be more likely to buy the tire?Tires with long treadlife (60K or more) and excellent dry and wet traction are on the market today. At Tire Rack, we stock 17 major brands of tires and sizes to fit all current production vehicles...  Read More

Truck Tire Load Ratings

When considering what tires to purchase for your truck, think about the load carrying capability of the tire you select. Half-ton pickups can use standard load-rated tires, but 3/4- and 1-ton vehicles require load range D or E tires to meet the Gross Vehicle Axle Weight.  For example, a common truck tire size of 245/7R16 is made in standard load, load range...  Read More

The Right Tires for My Vehicle, Driving Style and Geographic Area

Decisions, decisions, decisions! How does someone sort through all of the brands, performance categories and reviews to arrive at the best tire for their needs? Testing that includes side-by-side comparisons in a controlled environment and continual updates of tech articles are at your disposal as well.Tires are an important aspect of a vehicle’s handling,...  Read More

Tire & Wheel Packages – Convenient, Cost-Effective and Great Looking

If you own a vehicle that is four or more years old, there is good chance that the wheels are starting to look dingy, scratched and unappealing. If it is time to purchase new tires, you might be able to solve two problems with one purchase, by considering a Tires & Wheels Package. Building a Tires & Wheels Package is pretty simple once you take into...  Read More

Bubbles are for gum not tires

Low profile tires and larger rim diameters may make tires more vulnerable to road hazards like potholes, railroad tracks and curbs.When a bubble appears on the sidewall of your tire, you can be pretty sure that an impact occurred and the tire’s inner liner has been pinched. When the liner has been pinched, a pinhole appears that allows air to escape to the...  Read More

Knowing When Your Tires are Toast

Tires do not last forever. Some tires wear out faster than others, but how can you tell when it is time to make a tire change? Using a tread depth guage is certainly one way to determine if your tires are ready for the recycle bin. You can even use a coin as a guide for how much tread remains on your tires.All of that aside, the best way to determine if...  Read More

Abbreviations Worth Remembering

In the tire industry, there are certain abbreviations that are used frequently and often those of us in the business forget that not everyone we talk to knows what all of the jargon means. For example O.E. stands for Original Equipment and Ser. Des. means service description. Other abbreviations associated with tires include:PSI = pounds per square inch AS =...  Read More

Spring showers

Having the right tires on your vehicle for evacuating water and resisting hydroplaning is important during the rainy season. Certain brands are better than others when it comes to wet traction.The Tire Rack testing program helps us determine which tires are the best in cornering and braking on wet surfaces.  Putting the tires through the paces on our fully...  Read More

Tire Expertise at Every Turn

Are you looking for a highly trained professional to answer your tire questions? If you would like to figure out what tire best fits your needs based on where you live, how you drive and what tire is the best overall value, then you definitely should check us out. Tire Rack testing and customer review programs are unique to the tire industry. Each sales speci...  Read More