Hypertech Max Energy Sport Power Programmer - Boost performance of your Mazda Mazdaspeed3

Hypertech engineers have found a way to safely coax additional power from the Mazdaspeed3’s turbocharged 2.3L motor. Hypertech dyno’d a stock car with 240 HP/280 Ft. Lb. at the front wheels. Their Max Energy Sport Power Programmer re-tune produces 255 peak HP and a whopping 314 Ft. Lb. of torque. All that torque comes at just 3350 RPM, and stays above 200 Ft. Lb. until well past 6000 RPM.
MAzdaspeed3 Dyno Chart
To find out how well it works, I installed a Max Energy Sport Power Programmer on my personal Mazda Mazdaspeed3. The power increase is immediately noticeable. With so much torque available at relatively low engine speed, there is no need to rev the car hard. Simply short-shift to the next gear and use all of that torque, even in normal driving. Passing rarely requires a downshift – just squeeze the gas to spool up the turbo and GO!

Max Energy Sport installation
Another nice feature Hypertech has built in is the option to remove the Mazda’s low speed throttle limitation programming. In today’s vehicles with electronic throttles, vehicle engineers tune how the throttle responds to input – the car’s computer will decide just how fast (or even if) all of the throttle is applied when you press on the gas pedal. In the case of the Mazdaspeed3, full engine power is not even available in the lower gears, in an effort to eliminate torque steer. The result is sluggish throttle response. The Hypertech tune eliminates this, giving you whatever throttle amount you want, when you want it. Throttle tip-in for driving in everyday traffic is now crisp and immediate, responding instantly to inputs from your right foot. And full power is available whenever you want.

I found the installation to be as easy as 1-2-3. Simply plug the Max Energy Sport programmer into the OBD-II diagnostic port under the dash, and follow the prompts on the unit’s display. In literally 3-4 minutes you’re ready to enjoy your new-found power. If you can download photos from a digital camera, you already have more skill than is needed to use this product.

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