We Drive Michelin's New Pilot Super Sport Max Performance Summer Tire

Some three years in development, the new Michelin Pilot Super Sport is the long-awaited replacement for the class-leading Pilot Sport PS2 that has been a popular Max Performance Summer tire option for enthusiasts since 2004.Michelin’s target for the Pilot Super Sport is to maintain the PS2’s good level of road manners and fuel efficiency, improve handling...  Read More

Pirelli World - Part 2

Continuing our deep dive into Pirelli’s development, manufacturing and testing world, our next stop was Pirelli’s facility in Sandbach, Germany.While Pirelli’s headquarters and evaluation department are centered in Milan, a large contingent works in parallel from the German technical center. This keeps them close to the large O.E. vehicle manufacturers based...  Read More

Pirelli World - Part 4

As we strive to understand how tires perform in the real world, we’re all about learning through doing, using our own in-house testing program to experience many of the tires we sell.Learning through motorsports is also part of Pirelli’sdevelopment process. In addition to becoming the exclusive tire supplier for Formula 1 and GP2 (starting in 2011), Pirelli...  Read More

Pirelli World - Part 3

After leaving Pirelli’s Sandbach facility, we spent a few hours “flying” on the autobahn as we made our way towards Nürburg, Germany. Next door lies the famous Nürburgring, a landmark well known to driving enthusiasts around the world. The Nordschleife circuit has become a performance benchmark for nearly every performance car manufacturer, too.Coming as a...  Read More

Pirelli World - Part 1

Tire Rack was recently given first-hand access to Pirelli’s European tire development, manufacturing and testing facilities.Firmly planted in the fashion capital of the world, Pirelli’s headquarters sits amid the style of Milan, Italy. Image may be everything, but power is nothing without control. Within Pirelli’s headquarters complex sits the development...  Read More

Under Pressure: Pressure Gauge vs. Ambient Temperature

Originally written for Grassroots Motorsports magazine late last year. As we fine-tune our setups, we often make small tire pressure adjustments to help balance the car and manage tire wear. Small changes can make a difference, and the gap between winning and second place can be smaller still. So how accurate is your tire pressure gauge?To find out how the...  Read More

Hypertech Max Energy Sport Power Programmer - Boost performance of your Mazda Mazdaspeed3

Hypertech engineers have found a way to safely coax additional power from the Mazdaspeed3’s turbocharged 2.3L motor. Hypertech dyno’d a stock car with 240 HP/280 Ft. Lb. at the front wheels. Their Max Energy Sport Power Programmer re-tune produces 255 peak HP and a whopping 314 Ft. Lb. of torque. All that torque comes at just 3350 RPM, and stays above 200...  Read More