Testing Tire Fuel Efficiency

Beginning in 2010, Tire Rack tests will measure the fuel consumption of our regular test cars when equipped with a variety of tires. This portion of pir tests will highlight how a tire’s rolling resistance influences vehicle efficiency, as well as the role vehicle selection plays in determining annual fuel costs.
We have added a comparison to the tire test reports that projects the number of gallons each vehicle/tire combination would require for driving 15,000 miles (typical annual mileage traveled in the U.S.).
In addition to testing performance, touring and passenger tires, Tire Rack will compare eco-oriented car and light truck tires that promise greater fuel-efficiency. We will compare two new low rolling resistance tire lines to two similar tire lines from last year’s test.
The results of these tests will be made available on our website in the near future.

Choosing more fuel-efficient tires can influence how much fuel a specific vehicle consumes. However, differences between tires don’t have as much influence on a driver’s annual fuel costs as differences in the efficiency of the vehicles they’ve selected.


Thursday, March 1, 2012 by Lowrider

There is so much hype out there about the benefit of fuel-efficient tires that it is hard to take it seriously. You folks at tirerack have been the first to convince me with your careful testing, that I want to go in the green direction because it benefits everyone,me included! Cheering you on in this effort, I am thankful for your effort.
Monday, April 20, 2015 by richard

I replaced my low rolling resistance tires with regular tires on my Volt, pumped them to 42 PSI had a 4 wheel alignment and am getting 10 miles less per charge on the new tires than with stock LRR Tires. Low rolling resistance tires work!

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