Peace of Mind

Like many families, you may be planning a summer trip that involves packing up the car and possibly loading the pull behind camper or trailer. But after you have checked and adjusted the tire air pressure, how do you ensure that your trailer tires maintain the proper air pressure throughout your trip? Besides visually inspecting your trailer tires at gas...  Read More

Tires Can Get Old, Too

I have been to a lot of car shows over the years, both as a spectator and a participant. I love the cars that have been fastidiously restored as well as the ones in original, unrestored condition. The one thing that amazes me is that an owner can spend so much time keeping a car in top condition and yet, ignore the tires completely. I can't tell you how...  Read More

Vintage VW Tire Size Options

Some of us at Tire Rack have been inflicted with vintage car-itis and I have the rarest strain of this as an air-cooled VW enthusiast. So, it is reasonable to ask, "what tires do you have for my 30 plus-year old Beetle or Karmann Ghia that will fit without modification?"There are a number of tire options that Tire Rack can provide that will maintain your...  Read More

Getting the Right Wheel Fit

I often get asked why our website requires you to shop for a wheel by vehicle. Why can't you select a bolt pattern to see what wheels are available? Quite simply, the correct bolt pattern is a small piece in the wheel fitment puzzle and alone, does not guarantee a fit. Other items we measure or verify: Bolt Pattern Centerbore Diameter Hub Diameter Load...  Read More

Summer Fun

Neighbor proclaims Bridgestone Potenza RE 760  as "great!" As I was winding through the gaggle of parents and kids at the school bus stop in front of my house this morning, my neighbor, Bob leaned through my open window saying "these are great." Bob was referring to the Bridgestone Potenza RE 760 Sport tires he had picked just two days earlier for his '03...  Read More

Talk'n Tires

The new Michelin Pilot Sport All Season Plus has been available for just about a year now and that is just about how long I have had my set on my Jetta.  By now, they have been subjected to a full cycle of Midwest weather and driving conditions and have proven themselves versatile and capable. My initial concern was how would these All Season tires behave in...  Read More