Looking for a Lift?

Thinking about a suspension lift for your truck, but you don't want an overly stiff ride?

Consider the Traxda Lift and Level Kits.

Traxda kits lift your ride by relocating the mounting point of the spring that holds the truck up without changing the location of the stock suspension arms. Installation is simple and does not require the removal of all suspension components like many kits. Because spring pressure is not increased, it doesn't compromise the stock ride.
Each Traxda kit is fine-tuned to your vehicle to ensure stock compatibility and quality. 

With a coil-over style suspension, the strut length is extended while retaining the stock spring pressure. This keeps the smooth ride of a stock truck, with no increase in harshness. For a torsion bar style suspension, a re-indexed torsion key and shock relocator brackets are included to change the location of the torsion spring mount without changing the spring tension. 

All Traxda kits come complete with hardware, full instructions, alignment specs and dedicated technical support. Most kits are a direct bolt-in style, simple and easy to install with nothing more than common hand tools and require no modifications to your vehicle.


Friday, August 29, 2014 by ernie

I'm looking to maybe go to a 3inch lift plus new shocks,and maybe a bigger wheel and tire but I want my truck to look good but ride as good as it does now thanks
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 by porter

In order to determine your options for a vehicle lift, go to our web site, Tirerack.com, enter your vehicle information and search "Suspension by Brand", select Traxda and view the available options

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