Stability and Control

A wide variety of vehicles have been installed with KYB shocks and struts because of their proven reliability and finely tuned ride quality. Tire Rack offers KYB gas shock absorbers for use on passenger vehicles, performance cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. KYB offers two distinct lines of shocks and dampers to match your performance needs.Use...  Read More

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Tire manufacturers are now expanding their role in helping lower a tire's impact on the environment by developing technologies that help reduce fuel consumption. New compounds offering lower rolling resistance, new manufacturing methods and the use of more eco-friendly raw materials all contribute to a more eco-friendly tire. Our Tire Rack team has recently...  Read More

Winter Driving on the Dunlop Graspic DS-3

I'm always on the lookout for tires that satisfy the needs of older cars and are available in less popular sizes. Dunlop has produced a strong performer for winter driving and made it available in many sizes for 18" through 13" wheels. If your vehicle still has 14" or even 13" wheels, you need to check out the Dunlop Graspic DS-3.  The Graspic DS-3 features...  Read More

Continental ExtremeWinterContact for Serious Snow Traction

The Continental ExtremeWinterContact is a serious performer in severe winter weather conditions. Utilizing an advanced tread compound that remains flexible in freezing temperatures to enhance snow and ice traction, the ExtremeWinterContact provides great traction and control.The compound is molded into an asymmetric tread pattern that blends dry road...  Read More

Multicell Tread Compound for Winter

Bridgestone Tire, known for their advancements in winter traction technology, has developed the latest word in winter driving with the Blizzak WS70 that features ice and snow traction enhanced by a multicell compound with tiny bite particles. Available in 35 sizes in 15", 16", 17" and 18" for sporty sedans and coupes and light trucks/SUVs. The Blizzak WS70 ...  Read More

Temporary Traction Aid

Many parts of our country experience very mild winters and only occasionally see snow, making installing dedicated winter / snow tires impractical. For those occasions when it does snow and business or family obligations demand that you must travel, there is a practical and simple solution in the AutoSock.AutoSock is a proven temporary winter traction aid ...  Read More

Rack'em and Stack'em

If you are short on space and need to manage your off-season tires or if you need to impress your better half with your organizational skills, Tire Rack has a couple of solutions for your tire mayhem. The Tire Storage Rack is a great way to help organize your garage and keep extra tires out of the way. Its flexible design allows it to be adjusted to fit a...  Read More

A Great Combination

Light trucks and SUVs benefit from aggressive traction and superior foul weather performance.Firestone Destination A/T tires combine an all-terrain tread design with a comfortable ride while providing year-round traction, even in snow. It features an enhanced tread compound that blends wet performance and wear on the road with cut, tear and abrasion...  Read More

Looking for a Lift?

Thinking about a suspension lift for your truck, but you don't want an overly stiff ride? Consider the Traxda Lift and Level Kits. Traxda kits lift your ride by relocating the mounting point of the spring that holds the truck up without changing the location of the stock suspension arms. Installation is simple and does not require the removal of all...  Read More

Crank It Up!

The Braille Lightweight Racing Battery is 10-30 pounds lighter than a standard battery of equal power and it is suitable for race use where weight savings are important. In custom car applications it allows for flexibility in mounting location as well.A wide range of power ratings from 527 to 1380 cold cranking amps and weighing from 6 lbs. to 21 lbs....  Read More

Pirelli Kicks It Up a Notch

When it comes to a blend of handling and severe weather traction, Pirelli has risen to the challenge with their P Zero Nero All Season. The P Zero Nero All Season is Pirelli's Ultra High Performance All-Season tire providing a combination of all-season traction, low noise and superb wet and dry handling. It was developed for drivers who face America's...  Read More

Paint Your Calipers

Here's an easy project that increases the bling appeal of your brakes and makes your calipers easier to keep clean. G-2 Manufacturing Brake Caliper PaintSystem Set shows off a vehicle’s brake components through open-spoke style alloy wheels like Borbet rims. It can be used to give a vehicle’s stock brake calipers or rear brake drums the look of expensive,...  Read More

Student Safety and Tires

It's already back to school time! Before your student heads back to school in the family jalopy, take a few minutes to check the condition of the tires. If you're in a part of the country where snow is likely, you may want to consider dedicated Winter Tires for your student's safety.Tire Rack recommends that drivers expecting to encounter snow-covered roads...  Read More

Winter Tires on Ice

Even though we get plenty of snow in South Bend Indiana, home of Tire Rack's corporate headquarters and main distribution center, we push the season to provide you with the most up-to-date developments in winter / snow tires.  Testing the latest tires on ice in August is accomplished at a local indoor ice rink. In anticipation of the inevitable winter driving...  Read More

A Tire for all Seasons and Reasons

I've noticed that the General AltiMAX HP Grand Touring All-Season tire is finding its way on a lot of cars for a lot of different reasons.  Great wet traction and hydroplaning resistance?  None better in its class.  A quiet, comfortable ride?  HP is your answer.  Need to drive in snow?  The HP delivers excellent snow traction. Don't want to break the bank for...  Read More

Hard-to-Find Sizes for Vintage Cars

One thing that you quickly notice when shopping for tires for a vintage car is the small number of choices available. Who makes a modern performance tire for an earlier vehicle requiring 15", 14" or even 13" tire sizes?  While there are still several manufacturers that offer a sprinkling of tires in these hard-to-find sizes, Sumitomo does a decent job with...  Read More

Play It Safe

When you are working under and around your vehicle in your garage, the last thing you want is to trust your future to the vehicle's emergency jack. You want a stable platform supporting your car without risking a trip to the hospital emergency room, or worse. That's where the safety and convenience of the Tire Rack Aluminum Service Jack and Jack Stand Set  ...  Read More

Brake Security

If you have ever crawled under your vehicle and looked closely at the flexible brake lines connecting your brake calipers to the rigid brake lines, you might be in for a shock. These flexible, rubber hoses are exposed to a very harsh environment and are expected to remain pliable while providing the only link between you and your brakes. If these lines show...  Read More

Tread Patterns

Every now and then I will get a question from a customer asking about a tire’s tread design that does not “look right.” According to the customer, the tread design on the driver side and passenger side tires are not pointing in the same direction. This is a good time to discuss the variety of,tread patterns used by tire manufacturers.Symmetric Tread...  Read More

Testing Tire Fuel Efficiency

Beginning in 2010, Tire Rack tests will measure the fuel consumption of our regular test cars when equipped with a variety of tires. This portion of pir tests will highlight how a tire’s rolling resistance influences vehicle efficiency, as well as the role vehicle selection plays in determining annual fuel costs.   We have added a comparison to the tire test...  Read More